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Protocollo: Prot. 93 del 8/5/2014 - Rep. 17/2014

Pubblicato il: 08/05/2014

Scadenza presentazione domande: 18/06/2014 - 23:00

Aggiornamento del 11/06/2014 - 10:00:

(JUNE 23RD -  JULY 4TH 2014)

io veggio ben come le vostre penne
di retro al dittator sen vanno strette
(Dante, Divina Commedia, PG, XXIV, 58-60)

This 2-weeks study program will be an intensive immersion in the life of the University of Bologna, the oldest continuously operating University in the world and birthplace of letter-writing conventions. Following the footsteps of former pupils Dante and Petrarch, students will track the venerable history of the rules that govern written correspondence – from the handwritten letters to the Facebook status update – through seminars, workshops, hands-on manuscript study in medieval archives and libraries throughout the city, and document digitization or social networking projects.

The Summer School, organized by the RAM (Ricerche e Analisi Manoscritti) Study Centre of the Department of Classics and Italian Studies (FICLIT) of the University of Bologna ( in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Advancing and Professional Studies of the UMASS of Boston, offers intensive courses in the history of written correspondence and in the history of handwriting culture and Palaeography with the aim of enabling students to know the ancient origin of the conventions that rule letter-writing in our digital era.

Students will examine the various lives of written correspondence from its Bolognese origins to its digital environments. Since the conventions of letter-writing established in medieval Bologna by the magistri of ars dictandi are still prevalent in texts and tweets today, the course will help to identify the rhetorical principles that shape interactions between writers and their audiences over time, as well as their implications for our understanding of the past, present, and future of social networks.
Much of the course will be devoted to handling and describing the ancient Bolognese manuscripts, that contain the earliest examples of writing instruction in order to characterize the place of letter writing within the history of book and text technologies. Drawing on the innovative methods of the digital humanities, students will contextualize their archival research within read-write platforms, such as blogs, wikis, Facebook status updates, and Twitter feeds, in order to identify the shifting character and global significance of written correspondence today.

Dates and venue


Cultural activities

Tuition fees

Special offer for groups

Other requirements

Final certification

Application form




Dates: from  June 23rd to  July 4th 2014

Venue: Department of History and Cultures (DiSCi) of the University of Bologna, Piazza S. Giovanni in Monte 2, 41124 Bologna


The school offers an intensive two-weeks course scheduled as follows:
•    40 hours of tuition in class (morning);
•    30 hours of cultural activities (afternoon);   
•    1 day-trip to byzantine Ravenna

The class will meet for four hours each morning, from Monday to Friday, for seminars, lectures, directed instruction in rare book and manuscript study, discussions of course readings and workshop.
In the afternoon students will engage in hands-on projects in various archives and libraries and also in other cultural activities throughout the city, in order to combine summer holidays with study.
Course assignments will include blogging about course readings and field experiences, descriptions of manuscripts preserved in Bolognese collections, and a final digital project.

All teaching and activities are in English.

Please refer to the link on this page for a detailed syllabus.


A number of visits to museums, archives and libraries and to artistic and historical sites representatives of Bologna will be organized, as an important part of the didactics of the course and in order to familiarize participants with Italy and University life and culture.

Students will also enjoy a day trip to Byzantine Ravenna and its main archaeological and artistic sites.

Please refer to the link on this page for a detailed syllabus.


Fees: € 1289,00

Fees cover: registration to the course, teaching material, cultural activities (tickets and guides to museums, libraries and archives, guided tours, bus to Ravenna), UNIBO Student’s policy fee and a final course dinner.

Travels, meals and accommodation in Bologna are not included.

Participants may complete their registration by transferring the registration fee to:
Via Zamboni 32, 40126 Bologna-
UNICREDIT – Agency: Bologna Aldrovandi – Agency code 3307-
IBAN:  IT78B0200802457000102271420
Reference: (Student Name) + “From Bologna to the Blogosphere Summer School 2014”

The registration is complete only after full payment of tuition fees.


Thanks to a special agreement between the RAM (Ricerche e Analisi Manoscritti) Study Centre of the University of Bologna and the UMASS of Boston, there are a discounted of 10% on the fee for groups of more than 10 students.


Students must be aged 18 years or older at the moment of the on-line application and have got a higher school diploma.

Courses are open to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and non-students alike:  no specific qualification is required for course admission. Previous knowledge of Italian or Latin is desirable, but not required.

The Summer School will take place only if a minimum of 9 participants will apply.

In case the courses are not activated, only the course fee (not travel tickets) already paid will be refunded.
In case the courses take place and the student will not attend, the course fee already paid will not be refunded.


A certification of attendance is delivered by the Summer School Coordinators to all students who have attended all the classes and obtained a positive evaluation in the final assignment.

Conclusions, comments and observations about the course will be collected at the end in order to improve future editions of the School.


Candidates must fill up the application form provided below.
In order to complete the enrollment, students have to send the following documents:

• Application form
• Copy of the Identity Card or Passport
• Payment slip
Send all the materials to the following address:

• By email to the address:
• By fax to the number +39 051 228172

Please specify in the email subject: “From Bologna to the Blogosphere Summer School 2014”

Deadline for application: June 10th 2014


The Coordinators of the Summer School are Prof. Maddalena Modesti of RAM (Ricerche e Analisi Manoscritti) Study Centre of UNIBO and Prof. Alex Mueller of UMASS Boston.

For any further information, please contact:



Maddalena Modesti

Ricercatrice confermata

Dipartimento di Filologia Classica e Italianistica

Piazza S.Giovanni in Monte 2

Bologna (BO)

tel: +39 051 20 9 7820