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The Department of Classic Philology and Italian Studies was founded in 2011 from the merger of the Department of Classic and Medieval Philology and the Dept. of Italian Studies, which was founded in the 1980s. It perpetuates the legacy and the intellectual prestige of the academic institutes of Classic and Modern philology, active throughout the 19th Century. This institution carried out research on the civilization of the classic period, late antiquity, and medieval and humanistic civilization, as well as on the linguistic and literary history of medieval, modern and contemporary Italian, comparative literatures, languages, and literary criticism and the history of criticism.

As the legacy of Giosuè Carducci and Giovanni Pascoli, scholars of International repute taught in the Department, amongst whom Carlo Calcaterra, Raffaele Spongano, Ezio Raimondi, Piero Camporesi, Fiorenzo Forti, Elio Pasoli, Enzo Degani, Guido Guglielmi, Italo Mariotti, Alfonso Traina, Paolo Serra Zanetti, Emilio Pasquini, Gualtiero Calboli.

The Department, located  in the historical site of via Zamboni 32, promotes the testing of new research methodologies, and the organization of conferences, seminars, lectures and training courses for faculty and community. The Department boasts a library with more than 200.000 books, 250 reading seats, and 3 computer labs.

The Department hosts a Ph.D program in literary, philological and historical cultures and it is committed in the education of young scholars, both Italian and foreign. The Department also makes available several study centres, and scientific journals, editorial series and forums online, all of which are research tools in continuous interaction with the most prestigious academic Institutions in the world. This capability facilitates important research within the social context and is available for public use.


Call for applications for the PhD Programmes - A.Y. 2019/2020
Applications for admission must be submitted by 15 May at 1:00 pm.